Cold Winter Months Ahead…

by Tara on November 4, 2012

Snowy DayHere in Colorado, the days are becoming shorter. The dark, cold winter days are fast approaching. At first, I really welcome the cooler weather of fall, because I grow wary of the hot summer days. Yes, at first, the cool, brisk air seems so refreshing! It ushers in feelings of change for me.

And then we have the first snowfall – beautiful! Imagine the snow-covered Evergreen pine trees and the white-gray skies. It makes you want to cozy up to a hot cup of coffee just thinking about it. But then I realize that the days are growing shorter – and the cold, dark days of winter will soon be here, for months.

During the winter, much of nature goes into a slow, hibernation mode. The leaves fall off the trees, flowers lose their bloom – it’s just not generally the growing season. Since we are truly a part of nature, I think we should take our cue from the Earth.

Everything in life has a natural cycle. During the cold winter months, I like to focus more on inside things. You see, during the summer I like to go hiking, go to the park and just do a lot of outdoorsy types of things. During the winter, I like to be cozy in my home and focus on different things. While we cannot truly take a break from everything in the winter, we can shift our focus.

Snow and FireThink about the times of our ancestors. What would they do in the winter? They would have hopefully already stored up enough food to get through the winter, and they would spend a lot more of their time inside or near their home – spending more intimate time with their family and friends, telling stories, and reflecting on life.

Before, I would want to crochet when it started to get cold here, but now I don’t have that urge so much. I do, however, have the urge to start decorating for the holidays and making my home more comfortable and cozy. Do you know that in most ancient cultures there was a celebration near the shortest day of the year – in winter? I think there were many reasons for that, but one reason is that it provided people with something to look forward to during the darkest of the winter season.

And yes, the winter months definitely do have a downside! I just think about the ice stuck to the windshield, the icy roads, the freezing air and the feeling that the days are too short. But, right when you think you can’t take the cold any longer, here comes the spring – melting off the snow and bringing in new life. So I love the seasons I experience here in Colorado. I love the changing of the seasons.

I think we should all take a cue from nature. When the days are shorter and colder, we should have a hobby or something that we can spend time on inside. We can use this time for inner reflection. We can use this time to get to know our family, friends and ourselves better. And we can make our own little winter traditions that warm the heart and the soul. (And maybe even cook some hot stews or warm cookies from time to time!)

Tara Walker

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